About Us

Hey we are the Lowris and we love travelling around the world, we have traveling as a couple since the beginning of 2010. We decided to travel long-term because we wanted to explore the world rather than work our fingers to the bone. We saved hard for three years, quit our jobs, sold our things, and never looked back.

Was it the right decision? We think so. Deciding to travel together was one of the easiest choices we ever made. People told us that traveling as a couple would either “make or break” our relationship, and in all honesty, I can see how that may be the case. You’re with the other person 24/7, and you really do get to know them on a deeper level. There’s no hiding who you really are. It can be tough for some people, but while there have been trying times, it’s only made us stronger.

The biggest thing that makes couples travel work is compromise. Although Elise and I have similar interests, there are still many times we give and take with one another. Not only does compromising allow your partner to experience something that they really want to do, it also opens your own eyes to another side of travel that you might not have experienced on your own. That’s what couples travel is all about. It’s about doing things with and for your partner.