In a general sense, we travel because we want to go to other places, see beautiful sceneries, experience other culturetaste other cuisines and meet new people. You either can travel alone or you can travel with a group. While some prefer the solitude, independence, and adventure of traveling solo, some people prefer a group travel. Traveling with your friends and as part of a larger group has become a popular choice. Here are the benefits of a group travel:

Group Travel Saves Money

Group travel is generally much cheaper. You can get group rates on accommodations, transportation, attractions and other things you can split costs on. Most often, accommodation, breakfast, transportation, a trip manager and exclusive access to sights are included in group travel packages. Activities like guided tours, museums, concerts, & other performances also offer discounts to groups. It means significantly lower overall cost per person compared to travelers going alone. Hence, more money in your pocket for food, shopping, or other activities.

Less Worry

When you are traveling alone, you are the one who is responsible for finding accommodation, getting there, finding food and drink and making sure you get the best from your destination. Group travel, on the other hand, will take the planning, negotiating, worrying and other inconveniences out of your hands. On group travel, you generally do not have to worry about organizing or planning. The group travel organizer will handle all travel itineraries including bookings, tour schedules, and addressing any issues to ensure a smooth and fun experience. On tour, your guide will tell you where you’re going each morning, take you there, and give you facts about everything you see along the way. You will be able to concentrate on enjoying and experiencing your trip without having to worry about finding transportation, a place to stay, things to see and etc.

Safety in Numbers

There is also the increased level of safety when traveling with a group. During group travel, you have someone to watch your back. A tourist can be a prime target for pickpockets, scams, and other crimes. But a group of tourist is less of a target than a single person. Traveling with a group minimizes the risks and makes for a much safer overall experience. Also, if you get sick or hurt during your group travel, there are people around to help you out.

You Won’t Feel Alone

Traveling solo may be exciting and liberating for adventurous people, but it can be daunting for some, especially the first-timers. When you do group travel, there is always someone to do things with, laugh with, share stories with, and make memories with. You do not have to worry about those awkward selfies with the monuments or popular landmarks. You also won’t need to ask a stranger to take a solo picture of you. Having a group of people with you will also help pass the time during layovers and flights. You can play games while waiting or while traveling or tell each other tales from previous trips.

Easier to Make New Friends

A group travel is a great way to make new friends with similar passions and interests. You will get the chance to meet other travelers from all over the world who share the same passion for discovery. Although there will be all kinds of different people on your trip, it is for sure that you will find someone you can get along with. A group travel creates an avenue for sharing exciting experiences, taking awesome photos, & making memories with new travel buddies. It is actually easier to make friends on tours than by hoping to strike up conversations in hostel common rooms.


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