Top Picks – The Three Best Places To Grab A Meal In Hong Kong

Both tourists and business people visit Hong Know in droves every year. Aside from the fact that Hong Kong is one of the most popular gateways to China and that the movers and shakers in the city take business very, very seriously there are other reasons to visit.

The city boasts some of the most vibrant nightlife in the world and a depth of history that will keep those interested in Asia enthralled. However if there is one highlight of any trip to Hing Kong it must be the sheer quality of the dining.

This doesn’t always mean that any visitor has to break the bank. The quality of the street food in Hong Kong is exceptional. However if you really want to treat yourself or seal that important business deal you should be inviting potential business partners to one of these three restaurants.

1. RyuGin.

If you really want to wow your dining companions and take in the fantastic Cityscape of Hong Kong, then this restaurant which is on the 101st floor of the ICC building is the place to do it. Chef Seiji Yamamoto has a well deserved Michelin Star and has his produce flown in everyday from Japan. His modern take on Japanese cuisine is both playful and true to the roots of the the cuisine. The 10 course Kaiseki meal is the stuff that foodie dreams are made of.

You can make use of one of the two private dining areas in the restaurant – but whatever you do (and order) this two Michelin Star venue will not disappoint.

Chef Seiji Yamamoto

2. Frantzén.

It may be strange to travel to the East to enjoy Scandinavian food, but when the chef owns a two Michelin Star restaurant in Stockholm the choice becomes a lot more interesting. Chef Björn Frantzén’s restaurant on Upper Station Street is an eclectic meeting between Nordic and Asian cuisines. Patrons have raved about starters such as the French Toast with truffles and Balsamic Vinegar. As a main the Swedish Diary Cow, aged for 100 has also achieved recognition, especially when paired with fresh Green Asparagus highlighted with Saffron and Lemongrass and including pistachios.

3. Ho Lee Fook.

If diners want to focus on the Asian influence, but still want a quirky approach (that still stays true to the roots of Asian cuisine) then Ho Lee Fook might be the destination that they are looking for. Here chef Jowett Yu conjures up a menu that is tantalizing – with hints of European only highlighting his skills with fresh Asian ingredients. The Pork Dumplings in Sacha Soy Dressing are simply subtle and delicious. The Wagyu Short Ribs are also a fantastic choice.

Although there are only three of the myriad of extremely good restaurants in Hong Kong they give a hint at the sorts of culinary delights that can be enjoyed. Failing that, simply wander some of the food markets and enjoy both an adventure and food that is truly world class and easy on the wallet.


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